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It’s finally, FINALLY starting to feel like Fall! I had full intention of attending a French film fest that a dear friend was putting on for his cinema series at the local university, and where my sweet boyfriend was set to DJ in between films, but I’m afraid that the warmth of the bed and furry snuggles were just too enticing! Instead, I took advantage of spending the day in between the sheets, enjoying a much needed rest.

Though my part of the world stays pretty humid, therefore leaving my skin hydrated and moist, I’m still not taking any chances when the cooler, drier weather hits. I’m always eager to try new facial products, and over the past few months, I’ve found some really great ones that I’ve adopted into my daily routine. Even though my skin type falls into the “normal” range, changing cleansers always gets me a little nervous. After running out of my favorite Kiehl’s facial wash, and being too lazy to order more, I opted to try something I could get locally. I’ve fallen hard for Dr. Bronner’s Almond soap! I use it twice a day in the bar form, and it is so incredibly gentle. So simple, and easy to find at Target, as well as health food markets, such as Whole Foods.

I was hipped to Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay soap, a wonderfully vegan bar via Rail and Anchor while visiting my boyfriend’s family in Michigan. Another gentle formula, the scent is so refreshing, and I tend to alternate between it and the Dr. Bronner’s.

A couple of times a week, I use Fig and Yarrow ‘s facial scrub, which I bought after winning a Mother’s Day prize from Nora Modern ‘s Instagram account, that included another one of their products. It leaves my face feeling silky smooth and refreshed, especially after an intense hot yoga session.

Hands down, THE BEST toner in the world comes by the way of Shop Summerland, where proprietor and all around sweetest lady (with the most adorable baby ever!) stocks Robert’s & Co.’s Rosewater. Splashing it on my face each morning with its clean, cool, and rosy formula makes me feel like a classy gal from a foreign film.

Locking it all in, I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Lotion, my trusty old faithful. It was a little too oily for me when I bought it, but after shelling out the money for it, I felt like I needed to give it a try. Fortunately, my skin adapted, though I’ll be getting the oil-free version next time.

Smoothing on some Rose & Vanilla lip balm from Fig and Yarrow, by the way of Shop Summerland, keeps my lips from chapping as the winds start blowing just a little bit harder. To know me is to know I’m completely addicted to chapstick. When I find one as pretty as this little tin, and hand crafted, as well, I’m definitely hooked!

Facial routine

Fig Yarrow face care
$45 – urbanoutfitters.com

Dr Bronner s body cleanser
$6.67 – asos.com

What keeps you looking and feeling soft in the cooler months?



(Though there are links from polyvore, I recommend ordering these products from the links I’ve supplied. Support small businesses!)

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